All About Patios

A patio is a paved lawn adjacent to your home that you can use for small meetings, dining, and other leisure activities. The term is derived from Spanish, where ‘patio’ means back garden or backyard. In Spanish patios, it is the open or roofless paved space between a residence and a garden. In Australia, however, the term patio also denotes a small balcony or veranda adjacent to the building. Do you want to learn more? Click Patio builders near me.

In their Home Design Trend Survey (2008), the American Institute of Architects discovered that outdoor living spaces are one of the most common choices for people when it comes to decorating their homes and optimising space. You can probably transform the patio into an interesting living area if you carefully select your furniture.

When preparing to have a patio in your building, you need to know what the patio is going to be used for. This will dictate your patio size, furniture and lighting, whether you want the patio to be a small cosy escape for just two of you or whether you want it to be a small party area for an occasion when you invite 10-12 office colleagues. It will also allow you to decide on the patio material, such as concrete or stone.

Patios offer your home a special sense of style and comfort. It can be gabled or constructed in the form of a pyramid. You can even have a patio that looks like a pyramid. Not to mention, your patio designer can always be asked to personalise it for you.