6 Useful Tools to Help Repair the Cell Phone

If you are trying to fix your mobile phone or related electronics, owning a practical set of instruments is important. There are several different devices that can be used, ranging from basic cable disconnection methods to those that operate on the delicate printed circuit board. Let’s look at a couple of the most useful methods used in fixing mobile phones:

Soldering iron – this is an important piece of kit for soldering small objects such as a microphone, speaker, resistor, diode and condenser. When operating with a mobile phone, a 50-watt soldering iron is the preferred size. For more detailed work, it is useful to have the option of adjusting the soldering bits or tips. In order to avoid damaging the very sensitive parts of the cell phone due to a static charge, an anti-static or ESD-safe tool is also required.Find additional information ,view now.

Printed circuit board (PCB) holder – Use this item to keep the PCB steady to make it much easier to fix the operation.

Brushes – You can use a set of small and large brushes to clean the different parts of the mobile phone when fixing it. Using anti-static brushes for safe use is the best choice.

Magnifying light – This is a helpful item for providing a close-up view of the tiny cell phone components. When doing a fix to the PCB, it is sometimes used. With options for 3x, 5x, 10x, 25x, or more, the magnification will come very close. In order to help illuminate the work area, most of the good magnifying lamp units will also provide a light.

Spudger – this is a very handy method to pry or poke the different parts of the mobile phone securely. They can have a flat end and a pointed end. For holding objects to solder or connect/disconnect components, the pointed portion of the spudger is useful, while the flat end may pry open bits, unscrew products, or disconnect connectors. They are also anti-static, similar to other instruments, for total ease of working with electronic components.

Cleaner – It is beneficial to use a thinner or cleaning solution to clean any mobile phone components when making repairs. Isopropyl Alcohol, which is very good for cleaning products, is one of the most popular choices. To mitigate the risk of causing harm to the PCB or other sensitive parts, a high-quality product is important.